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What if you could go through an entire workout without touching your smartphone or smartwatch and still being able to enjoy all its features?

I know, it sounds like 2025 but its actually happening these days behind the scenes and the fact that you're on this page means you're into fitness and music! We love you already.

Fitness addicts have it pretty good, with a choice of everything from large headphones and small in-ear wireless earbuds budget options. So how come they still complain?

Most reviews claim that there's no perfect workout earbuds out there. The reason is quite simple, most brands (and even generic products from China) don't really focus on workout earbuds. Don't get me wrong, they LOVE adding the "workout" and "fitness" terms to their fancy packages, but their CEO's doesn't exercise for 5-6 times a week and all of them would love to sell 1,000,000 units a month so you'll enjoy Netflix while doing nothing...

Now I know what you think, "why selling 1M units to couch potatoes and gym rats is such a bad thing?"

Let me tell you a secret you already know, you can only make something perfect when you focus, and that's why we've focused on creating the world's best workout earbuds.

It took us a while but we decided that when we'd launch EKON, some people might still prefer other brand for watching movies at home, but when it comes to pushing your limits and working out, there'd be no doubt that there's only one brand that can make you #BlastYourLimits and it's gonna be AxumGear.

These days we're working on the prototype of EKON and below you can see AxumGear's production manager and CEO (Igal and Michael) in the factory testing the sound quality of the microphone and driver.

The yellow room is the most epic room you'll ever visit, there's 0 echo, you talk to someone standing 1 ft from you and it feels like you're talking over Skype with someone 1000 miles from you.

And the doll is being used to record frequency chart of the highest quality drivers out there and then we'll match it with our drivers, so yes! it's gonna be epic and those are just the basic features - can't wait to share with you the rest of the features and how we're creating the world's ultimate workout earbuds.

So if you're working out and you're looking for the perfect solution, now you know there are guys out there called AxumGear and they're working around the clock to make the best solution for you.



Please notice! To be the first to own EKON and enjoy our launch offer of $45 off $219, all you need to do is to leave your details below and we'll contact you on launch day.


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Origin story:

Igal, for over a decade, has been dreaming of the perfect pair of workout earbuds. The idea first arrived in a rush, when he was still a teenager and fantasizing about starting his own business. The benefits just seemed too obvious. The only issue with technology while working out, is actually the technology itself. You wanna go for a run or lift in the gym to avoid all the daily noise, and suddenly you find yourself dealing with your iPhone to skip songs and pick a good track.

It was obvious, the perfect pair of workout earbuds should (actually the right word is MUST) be distraction-free. cause that's what workouts are all about, right? And that's the exact opposite of what you see these days in the market.

But the technology didn't actually exist. So instead, as an exercise Igal tried to build a model using chipset from true wireless large speakers, needless to say that in 2014 to go to the gym with true wireless earbuds was quite a big deal.

2 years later the SPRINT earbuds were launched (AxumGear's first version) as a crowdfunding campaign and raised over $600,000. Since 2016 and till 2018 lots has changed and AxumGear learned what it takes to create the ultimate pair by listening to the customers, dealing with logistics issues, solving mechanical challenges and trying to figure out how to build something that can be used as a distraction-free device during your workouts.

This time around, Igal not only has the core technologies (thanks to finding the right partners) to make the distraction-free concept real, he has a solid team around him, anchored by ex Audi and JBL designers. To date, AxumGear have already finished selecting components and engineering how they'll fit together. AxumGear have already begun the arduous radio-frequency testing process. AxumGear plan on revealing EKON in the coming months.

"In order to create the ultimate workout earbuds we should only take care of one thing, and that's our focus. As long as we're working out, living the active lifestyle and listening to our customer's real pain, which is to get rid of the distractions, without a doubt we'll be able to deliver something that the fitness world hasn't even dreamed of." says Igal. AxumGear is wagering that in between the looming shadows of Apple, Samsung, JBL, and Beats, there's just enough daylight for a startup to sprout.

So if you want to get more information about EKON workout earbuds and enjoy $45 off $219 on launch day, just leave your details below.

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