Piece in the Middle-East

You know in 2019 it's all about speed, we want to watch a movie? 4 seconds and Netflix already stream it to your device. Even if you want to meet the man or girl of your dreams, all you have to do is swipe your finger and BOOM! you're on a date.

So how it affects AxumGear earbuds? we know we have lots of customers in the middle-east that want their SPRINT earbuds right now, they don't want to wait for it to arrive from the US and you know what? we completely understand you.

Place an order on a US website when you're based in Lebanon or Jordan is quite an hassle and that's why we've partnered up with one of the biggest online retailers in the Middle-East (if you live there and you have an internet connection, you probably heard about them): DesertCart

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Why Desert cart?

We were looking to offer the best shopping experience to our customers, but that's not all, many companies these days offer large variety of online payments and secured hosting.

So what's more important than security and user interface and why we decide to partner up with DesertCart?

Customer Service!

We took a different approach when searched for a partner, we looked at their online reviews as we didn't care about "who's the biggest" but we cared about who's ranked with the highest customer service score.

And guess what, DesertCart ranked as #1 by far...

So first we want to welcome their amazing team to AxumGear and second,

if you're looking to get your SPRINT earbuds and you're based in the Middle-East we ask you do NOT place an order on our website, place your order on through this link:

Please Notice - Obviously we offer warranty to all DesertCart customers